Will a BBQ really work for my wedding?

Will a BBQ really work for my Wedding?

We have been asked this on occasion and the answer is simply, not only will it work it will make sure your meal is as memorable as the rest of the day! Our wedding BBQ packages are becoming more and more popular and this will continue throughout 2023 and beyond. Guests are blown away by the presentation of our self service spread or why not have them engage by laying out our BBQ sharing platters.

5 Reasons to have a Wedding BBQ in Northern Ireland

  1. BBQ will satisfy everyone – Its hard to find someone who doesn’t have fond memories of a BBQ. We don’t mean sausages that are black on the outside and pink on the inside! Nope we are talking show stopping Tomahawk Steaks. Lucious smoked ribs or chicken wings. Grilled Langoustines or go all out and have BBQ Lobster! Here at Cousins Catering we really do upscale the BBQ to match your big day! 
  2. It really is a great choice – Wedding catering has long moved away from a stuffy sit down meal. Your menu should not only make your guests happy but make you happy and wow them. It should be a range of tasty choices and be a slick service for you and your guests. Our BBQ wedding packages are all of this and more!
  3. Wedding BBQ is affordable – Because of the simplicity of the ingredients a Wedding BBQ is incredibly affordable. Our most popular package starts at £36pp! This gives you a range of meat choices as well as the usual corn and house salads!! Compared to some inhouse catering options for a 3 course meal that range from £65+pp it really is a much more affordable option that is arguably much more impressive.
  4. Wide ranging Menu – Our BBQ menu is not sausages and burgers (though these options are available and are often suitable for younger guests) at Cousins Catering we take pride in offering impressive spreads of locally sourced produce that have something for everyone! From Tomahawks to American style Brisket there are endless options for you to choose from.
  5. Less stress – Your day is stressful enough, when you hire experienced caterers such as ourselves to look after the catering on your big day you can relax and know we have it all covered. Our job is to take away all the stress around catering and leave you to enjoy your day surrounded by your nearest and dearest friends and family.