Wedding Caterer Belfast

Outdoor Wedding Catering:

As one of the leading wedding caterer’s in Belfast we are well rehearsed in the wonderful weather we are subject to all year round. And there is nothing wrong with planning for a downpour of liquid sunshine during your big day. Many of the locations we cater at offer both indoor and outdoor elements of your wedding day. And we love seeing people sat in the sunshine enjoy their canapes, or the main meal.

When we do our site visits we often ask about a ‘wet weather plan’ this is a simple decision on where the dining will move to if Barra Best has got the forecast wrong (again). Most venues will have a fairly well rehearsed wet weather plan so do not panic.

We would definitely advise that you talk through the wet weather plan with your wedding co-ordinator as it may change the layout and even running order of your day. Again if you know this you wont have any surprises on the day which will help keep the stress levels down.

Don’t worry about us as caterers, we will have chatted through the options both with yourself and with the venue so that we know where any changes may happen and will have a plan in place to ensure the catering runs smoothly. Even if you are having one of our gourmet BBQ’s we provide our own cover so the BBQ will still go ahead even if it is served indoors. If your having our food truck in the evening we will often reposition this as close to a building as possible to minimise any time exposed to the elements for you and your guests.

We have spoken enough about the liquid sunshine we are so aware of. But what about a heat wave? Consider this especially if your wedding is late May – Aug. If your ceremony is outdoors, is there cover to shade your guests as they are awaiting your arrival and during the ceremony if not can you adjust the time that the guests sit down or be aware of your own timings? Speak to the wedding co-ordinator about getting refreshments brought to them as they wait. We are happy to help with this as well. And don’t forget about your partner and their party stood at the top of the aisle waiting for you, adrenaline and nerves can make any partner woozy and susceptible to felling faint. If your meal is planned for outdoor seating is there cover? Or could the tables be moved to provide cover? It can be very uncomfortable for you and your guests when your all dressed up trying to enjoy a meal in the beating down sunshine. Again a lot of venues will plan for this but its worth ensuring you understand what the plan is and even how it looks.